How we scaled up from $50k to $100k+ a month with Paid Ads

Industry: Accessories

🤔 The Challenge

This client works in the Accessories Industry. They already had a pretty solid business, making above $500k per year. They started working with us because they wanted to cross that $1M a year mark. They lacked in-house resources, and strategy to really scale up and that's where we came in.

💡 The Solution

1. Started scaling some of their best-performing ads and iterated on them, copy-wise and creative-wise.

2. Launched new Creative testing campaigns with Dynamic Creative Testing and started testing a lot of variables, until we found solid winners.

3. Developed high-converting landing pages that helped improve conversion rates.

4. Improved data attribution in order to get better and clearer data on our campaign results by using TripleWhale.

5. Developed a new Creative Strategy and followed up on that by implementing on the ads. (UGC, Static Image, Product Shots, etc.)

After a couple thousand dollars of ad spend we started to see patterns and doubled down on what was working while aggressively cutting what wasn't. We managed to help them reach $1M in the year we worked with them.

Results & Tech Stack

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    Year prior to working with us

    Screenshot 2022 10 11 at 11.51.49
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    Year working with us

    Screenshot 2022 10 11 at 11.50.46
Screenshot 2022 08 24 at 14.43 1

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