How we increased monthly revenue from $10k to over $50k in 3 months

Industry: Fashion Accessories

🤔 The Challenge

This client works in the Fashion Industry. The plan was to kickstart a new summer season with a bang. The client had done $19k in sales in the previous year and wanted to kick things up a notch. 

The critical factors were the speed and scale of the implementation because of the seasonality of the product.

💡 The Solution

1. Implemented an account framework that accounted for all of the stages in the buying process. 

2. Improved data attribution in order to get better and clearer data on our campaign results by using TripleWhale.

3. Developed hundreds of creatives to test out and used Dynamic Creative Testing (UGC, Static Image, Product Shots, etc.)

4. Developed fresh and conversion-oriented landing pages that helped increase overall Conversion Rate.

We started working with this brand in March 2022 and quickly got to the $10k a month mark in the first month. After a round of investment, we were able to scale up the winner combinations (Creative + Copy + LP - using Post IDs) and get past the 50k monthly revenue mark. 

Results & Tech Stack

  • 1


    Mar. 1st to Jun. 30th

    Screenshot 2022 08 16 at 12.14.42
  • 2


    Jul. 1st to Jul. 31st

    Screenshot 2022 08 16 at 12.12.05

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